Nurture Every Lead And Convert More

Zigment’s conversational AI sales platform engages,
pitches, qualifies and converts leads 24/7

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Zigment is Your 24/7 Sales Super Agent

Always On
Set it and forget it. Zigment is selling 24/7
Immediate Engagement
Zigment's A.I. Agent talks on your behalf
Reduce Human Capital
Save management headaches and use intelligent A.I.

Instant Engagement

Zigment uses AI to engage your leads instantly, so they never go cold. Remember, a warm lead is a future customer.


No need to pour money into an army of customer service agents. Zigment does the job at a fraction of the cost, and it never takes a coffee break.

Omni-Channel Presence

Your leads come from various channels, and Zigment reaches them wherever they are—Email, Facebook, WhatsApp—you name it.

Tailored Interactions

Sending generic messages? That's old school. Zigment customizes the conversation based on each lead's behavior and needs.

Our Solutions

At, we understand that each business is unique. Our bespoke AI solutions cater to diverse industries, enhancing interaction and conversion efficiency across the board.


Turn clicks into clients with intelligent, instant AI-driven ad response systems.

Coaches and Creators automates engagement, freeing you to focus on creating and teaching.

Gyms and Spas

Our platform handles bookings and follow-ups, providing a personalized touch without the time investment.


Boost webinar success with’s streamlined registrant-to-attendee conversion process.


Automate donor outreach with our AI, scaling your fundraising efforts beyond traditional limits.

For Real Estate

AI Enhanced: Human Powered Sales. Transform property sales with our AI-driven insights.

For Saas

Replace your Chatbot With a Live AI Sales Rep. Elevate customer engagement.

For HR

Reach More Candidates, Spend Less Time. Enhance your recruitment with AI-driven efficiency

Benefit from Zigment’s
business-grade AI

Data Security

Data Security

We ensure that your proprietary data isn’t available in public domains while running LLMs. We also ensure that only the permitted data is shared with the users and nothing more. We are ADA CASA Tier 2, SOC 2 and ISO 27001 complaint.



Zigment Platform implements external guardrails to ensure that the output from the LLMs is not only free of any hallucinations but also compliant with your enterprise policies and benchmarks.



Gain visibility into the underlying costs and ensure service reliability with a complete traceability of data flowing within the system. Realtime monitoring of all the systems both at macro and micro levels so that you are in the know all the time.

Each moment a lead waits, its value depreciates. Don't let your leads go cold, heat them up instantly with Zigment.


We are seeing that our conversion rates of candidate response and also confirmed interviews improve significantly with ZigHR.

Naveen P
COO, CureJoy

We have practically eliminated the role involved in co-ordinating with the candidates. Saving a lot of man-hours!

CMO, 1Balance

This is the best solution for a small / medium sized company like ours, we no longer need to hire an expensive full-time resource for the candidate out-reach task.

Tom S

I am blown over by the human-like interactions that ZigHR’s AI is able to have with the potential candidates. This is the future.

CEO, UniGage

5 Reasons to
Choose Us


Human Agents
Scripted Bots
Smart Conversations
Instant Response
Funnel Tracking & Data Insights
Infinitely Scalable
Quick Setup

Getting Started Is Easy

Initial Onboarding

Just provide your business objectives and preferences. We take care of the rest.

Integration With Your Process

Zigment easily plugs into your existing CRM, be it Salesforce, Hubspot, or any other.

See the Magic, In Real-Time

Track conversions, engagement, and more through a user-friendly analytics dashboard.

Easy Integration line

Everywhere Your Customer Is, So Are We. Zigment can work on most customer engagement channels like FB/Insta, Whatsapp, SMS, Email, etc., and can seamlessly integrate with Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, Freshdesk, and many more.


Not Your
Average Chatbot

Zigment Gets You

We understand your business and adapt our conversations to represent you authentically.

Personal Assistant Vibe

Handles scheduling, reminders, and even upsells—like an assistant who’s always on the clock.

Always Learning

Zigment grows with you, so your engagement gets better every day.
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