About us

Building the most advanced conversational sales platform

We help companies shorten their lead cycle times and significantly reduce the human capital required in the process.

Innovation Meets Empathy

At Zigment, we're not just tech enthusiasts; we're people enthusiasts. Our journey began with a simple observation: in a world buzzing with digital chatter, genuine conversation was becoming a lost art. So, we set out to change that.

Our Mission
Conversation with a Purpose

Our Vision
A World Where No Message Goes Unheard


The Zigment DNA

At Zigment, we foster a culture where the drive for innovative solutions, uncompromising integrity, and a relentless pursuit of excellence shapes our approach to transforming the digital engagement landscape.


Innovation for Impact

Every line of code we write is aimed at making a positive mark on the world.

Integrity First

Your trust is our foundation. We promise transparency, security, and respect for your data.

Excellence as Standard

Good isn't good enough. We strive for excellence in every solution we deliver.


The Team

  • Dikshant Dave

    Dikshant Dave


    With a knack for recognizing the potential of AI in transforming human interactions, Dikshant has steered Zigment from concept to reality. His vision? To create a platform where technology doesn't overshadow humanity but enhances it.

  • Karma Pandya

    Karma Pandya

    The Architect CTO

    The wizard behind the curtain, turning complex code into seamless conversations. Karma believes in the power of technology to tell stories, share experiences, and forge bonds. He's the brain behind our AI, ensuring that it isn't just smart but also kind, responsive, and inclusive.

  • Larry Braitman

    Larry Braitman

    The Founding Director

    As a Founding Director, Larry has been instrumental in shaping the strategic direction of Zigment. Larry's influence ensures that Zigment remains at the forefront of innovation while maintaining its core values.


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