Automate Memberships,

Keep the Gym Full

Integrated with 100+ popular CRMs

Zigment is Your 24/7 Sales Super Agent

Always On
Set it and forget it. Zigment is selling 24/7
Immediate Engagement
Zigment's A.I. Agent talks on your behalf
Reduce Human Capital
Save management headaches and use intelligent A.I.

Seamless Renewals

Forget chasing members for renewals. Zigment automates the whole process, making it smooth for both you and your members.

Lead to Member, Just Like That

Turn leads into loyal gym members. Zigment handles the initial interactions, paving the way for conversions.

Personalized, But Automated

Zigment offers individualized attention without the costs. Every message feels like it's coming straight from you.

Efficiency You Can Count On

Automated processes mean you save time and money. Zigment ensures you can focus on what you do best: running your gym or spa.

Every missed renewal is a missed opportunity. Make every interaction count.


We are seeing that our conversion rates of candidate response and also confirmed interviews improve significantly with ZigHR.

Naveen P
COO, CureJoy

We have practically eliminated the role involved in co-ordinating with the candidates. Saving a lot of man-hours!

CMO, 1Balance

This is the best solution for a small / medium sized company like ours, we no longer need to hire an expensive full-time resource for the candidate out-reach task.

Tom S

I am blown over by the human-like interactions that ZigHR’s AI is able to have with the potential candidates. This is the future.

CEO, UniGage
Nova IVF

5 Reasons to
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Never Miss a Renewal

Real-Time Interactions

Cost Savings

Fully Customizable


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Getting Started Is Easy

Quick Onboarding

Provide your gym or spa details and set your membership and lead preferences. Zigment takes care of the rest.

Enable & Relax

Turn on Zigment and watch it blend effortlessly into your operations, doing its job 24/7.

Track & Tweak

Get detailed analytics to understand what’s working and what isn’t. Make informed decisions effortlessly.

Easy Integration line

Everywhere Your Customer Is, So Are We. Zigment can work on most customer engagement channels like FB/Insta, Whatsapp, SMS, Email, etc., and can seamlessly integrate with Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, Freshdesk, and many more.


Not Your
Average Chatbot

Not Just Replies, But Relationships

Zigment builds lasting connections by offering tailored interactions, not just canned responses.

Always Learning

The system keeps getting smarter, understanding your customers better over time.

Tailored to Your Business

Your gym or spa is unique, and Zigment gets that. Customize it to reflect your business persona.
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