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Zigment is Your 24/7 Sales Super Agent

Always On
Set it and forget it. Zigment is selling 24/7
Immediate Engagement
Zigment's A.I. Agent talks on your behalf
Reduce Human Capital
Save management headaches and use intelligent A.I.

Automated Lead Qualification

Effortlessly sift through leads with Zigment.ai’s AI-driven pre-qualification. Save hours by focusing only on leads ready for property visits and serious discussions.

24/7 Lead Engagement

Never miss a potential buyer. Zigment.ai engages leads round the clock, ensuring immediate response to inquiries, keeping the interest alive.

Seamless CRM Integration

Zigment.ai fits snugly into your existing real estate CRM system, making integration smooth and enhancing your workflow without any hassle.

Insightful Lead Tracking

Track lead progress in real-time with Zigment.ai’s intuitive dashboard. Watch as leads move from initial contact to qualified prospects.

Imagine focusing solely on closing deals while Zigment.ai nurtures and qualifies your leads.


We are seeing that our conversion rates of candidate response and also confirmed interviews improve significantly with ZigHR.

Naveen P
COO, CureJoy

We have practically eliminated the role involved in co-ordinating with the candidates. Saving a lot of man-hours!

CMO, 1Balance

This is the best solution for a small / medium sized company like ours, we no longer need to hire an expensive full-time resource for the candidate out-reach task.

Tom S
Founder, ServiceBuddy.io

I am blown over by the human-like interactions that ZigHR’s AI is able to have with the potential candidates. This is the future.

CEO, UniGage

Zigment vs
Traditional Methods

Always Available

Cost Efficiency

Faster Lead Qualification

Data-Driven Decisions

Personalized Interactions

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Easy Setup

Quick Integration

Easily sync Zigment with your existing CRM and communication tools.

Tailor Your AI

Customize Zigment’s responses based on your property portfolio and client types.

Launch and Lead

Go live and watch Zigment transform your lead management process.

Easy Integration line

Zigment effortlessly slots into your ecosystem. Whether it's Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, Email, Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho, Freshdesk, and beyond, our AI bridges the gaps.


Beyond Bots:
Zigment's Unique Approach

Empathetic AI

Zigment understands real estate nuances, offering personalized lead experiences.

Data-Driven Insights

Gain valuable insights from each interaction to refine your sales strategies.

Time-Saving Automation

Focus on closing deals while Zigment handles the lead nurturing process.
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