Reach More Candidates,

Spend Less Time

Reduce your recruiter costs by over 80%

Zigment is Your 24/7 Super Recruiter

Always On
Set it, forget it. Zigment is engaging 24/7
Immediate Engagement
Zigment's A.I. Agent talks on your behalf
Reduce Human Capital
AI Agents cost just a fraction

Automated Candidate Engagement

Zigment transforms the way businesses and agencies reach out to candidates. By automating initial contact and responses, Zigment frees recruiters from repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on what really matters - building relationships and closing top talents.

Smart Scheduling Solutions

Scheduling interviews becomes a breeze with Zigment. Our AI-driven system intelligently matches candidate availability with your team's schedule, eliminating the time-consuming back-and-forth and ensuring a smooth experience for both parties.

Consistent Candidate Communication

Ensure every candidate receives the same high standard of information and interaction. Zigment’s AI maintains your company's voice and answers FAQs accurately, ensuring your employer brand is consistently represented.

Data-Driven Recruitment Strategies

Make informed hiring decisions with insights gleaned from Zigment’s interactions. Understand candidate preferences and behaviors to refine your recruitment approach and secure the best talent.

Transform the way you connect with potential talent - efficient, effective, and always engaging


We are seeing that our conversion rates of candidate response and also confirmed interviews improve significantly with ZigHR.

Naveen P
COO, CureJoy

We have practically eliminated the role involved in co-ordinating with the candidates. Saving a lot of man-hours!

CMO, 1Balance

This is the best solution for a small / medium sized company like ours, we no longer need to hire an expensive full-time resource for the candidate out-reach task.

Tom S

I am blown over by the human-like interactions that ZigHR’s AI is able to have with the potential candidates. This is the future.

CEO, UniGage

Zigment vs
Traditional Methods

Automated vs. Manual Outreach

AI-Powered Scheduling vs. Manual Coordination

Consistent Communication vs. Variable Messaging

Real-Time Insights vs. Delayed Feedback

Comprehensive Integration vs. Standalone Systems

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Seamlessly integrate Zigment with your existing HR platforms, ensuring a smooth transition to smarter recruitment.


Beyond the
Traditional Chatbot

Adaptive Conversations

Zigment’s AI understands and adapts to each candidate's unique queries.

360° Recruitment Automation

From initial outreach to interview scheduling, Zigment handles it all.

Continuous Learning and Improvement

Our AI evolves with each interaction, constantly improving the recruitment experience.
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